Give a 2nd chance to your treasures.

Artistic pieces to decorate your
office, or
 place of business

Marie Pierre's Art

Marie Pierre’s art



Marie-Pierre's Art

Marie Pierre is an imaginative painter, who is driven by an incredible passion for
self-expression through art.
Her work has developed an innovative, multiple style and technique with the use of vibrant colors and strong or blended lines which makes her work an excellent choice for a wide range of projects and purposes.


Although Marie loves to express her vision, she is also adept at creating works and readily communicates the vision of her clientele to create most perfect and unique pieces of Art.


Marie Pierre will bring your vision to life.
She is skilled at creating a wide range of artistic pieces and
can create wonders base on hidden or forgotten treasures.  

  • Out of style, give it a new look

  • Worn touch, touch it up
  • Not usable, re use it 
  • Dare do make it, unique, curious, colorful, different... 
  • Give it an extra touch
  • Dull, vivify it
  • Old fashion, re new it
  • Fix it!
  • Save it, re do it an love it.....

Marie Pierre is also please to work with the Tampa Bay Professional
Decorator and Designers.

“There is a great difference between simply living a long life and living a full and rewarding life. What's really important is how much rich texture and color we can add to our lives during our stay here on Earth, however long that stay may be. Quality is the true value, not quantity”.  --Diasaku Ikeda--

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